2018 Gallery update

The gallery of 2018 has been updated! You can find all pictures from 2018 that are not part of special events like photoshoots, conventions, premieres or behind the screen pictures of movies or series. Enjoy!


     Cody Christian was one of the artists participating in the annual talent show “Arts Aloud” by artsaloudtheatergroup: “Arts Aloud serves as a performing arts doorway for all teens, delivering special attention to those withlimited exposure to quality theatrical programs” (cf. artsaloudtheatergroup). 

    Among Reeve Carney and Veronica Miracle, Cody acted as one of the judges that evaluated the performance of aspiring young talents.  

     In the photo above, Cody is depicted along with some of the other judges. He also stopped by and took some photos (see below). Arts Aloud could not have found anyone better as judge: Cody is humble, talented and very attentive!   

Cody and Justin (@jlawrex).

Cody with @eli.sam.figueroa, who was very nervous about the idea of singing and dancing in front of him.  He was awarded first prize for his contemporary solo.

    Moreover, Cody is busy filming his new show ALL AMERICAN, which will premiere in October. He’s giving a hundred percent, even more than that every day. He’s doing his best to make this as best as possible. He spends hours and hours in the gym as well as on the field, in between shots. Nevertheless, he accepted this position as judge, despite the tremendous amount of work. He just loves his job and it shows.

Spotlight on Cody’s tattoos

    For some it was a surprise, for others it was just a question of time: Cody got his first tattoos in early 2018! He had been following some tattooists already for some time on Instagram, most importantly Mr. K, one of the most talented and famous tattoo artists in New York City. Finally, in January and in May 2018, Cody decided to go for it. “Let’s get it done,” he can be heard saying in a video when the first tattoo was made.

Let’s take a closer look at them:

The tattoos on his fingers represent his family. First, the rose which stands for his mom, Ashley Rose Bohall. The snake symbolizes his dad Scott Bohall who’s serving in the US Army. The third one is his brother Joshua’s name in digitals, while the last one, the motto “It’s possible”, stands for Cody himself.

Cody explained the meaning of his second tattoo (the skull wearing a crown) on his Instagram:

“Now is a powerful moment to be in. Rather than let my past / future define myself or my actions, I strive to be in a constant “I AM” state.
The crown symbolizes a moment in which I realized my life was my own. My life was in my control. Simple and pretty blatant, but also something we tend to forget at times.”

Will Cody get even more tattoos? Well, our guess is yes! We will keep you in the loop.

New show “All American” this fall on The CW

Cody Christian’s new football-themed show “All American” was picked up by The CW network and will be airing this fall on Wednesdays at 9 PM, in the time slot right after Riverdale. 

He will portray Asher, a privileged and young football player from Beverly Hills high school football team, who finds himself threatened by the arrival of Spencer, the new guy who’s also flirting with his girlfriend. According to IMDB, Cody will appear in all of the 22 episodes of Season 1.

Moreover, Cody shared some exclusive behind the scenes footage wearing his football gear.

From left to right: Michael Evans Behling, Daniel Ezra, Greta Onieogou, Samantha Logan, Bre-Z, Cody Christian, Danielle Campbell.

Cody and his fellow cast members attended The CW upfront in New York, celebrating the announcement and showing their excitement for the new show. 

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 17: Cody Christian attends the 2018 CW Network Upfront at The London Hotel on May 17, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

The CW shared this extended first look, which you can watch below.


Cody Christian on Brant Pinvidic’s “Why I’m Not A Teen Idol Part 2”

“There’s no backup plan for me. There’s never been a backup plan for me. If you really want something, you truly start living life if you find something you’d die for. This career, I’d do this for the rest of my life. I’d do anything to make that happen.”

Cody Christian had the opportunity to take part in Brant Pinvidic’s podcast “Why I’m Not A Teen Idol Part 2″. He had a lot to say and went very deep talking about how to cope with fame and the acting career he pursues. When asked about a backup plan, he said that there was not. This career is where his heart is and goes, he wants to do this for the rest of his life. That’s why he gives 150% each day. He’s not alone, but got there growing up with his fan base – in a very positive light. 

Cody may only be 22 years old, a “man boy” as he called himself, but his mentality is, compared to other people at this age, a very different one. His thoughts are very profound. He’s got depth and so much insight, reflecting on his surroundings. Eloquence clearly is one of his many virtues. 

Listen to Cody on Brant Pinvidic’s website.

Cody cast for a new CW football-themed series

According to an article of Deadline Hollywood, Cody has been cast to play the role of a pro football player in a drama series about “the wins, losses and struggles of two families from vastly different worlds — Compton and Beverly Hills”. Cody is set to play the role of Asher, an arrogant, privileged young man from Beverly Hills with “a troubled home life”.

The series will be produced by the CW Television Network which also features Riverdale, The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, The 100 and much more.

Read the full article here: Deadline Hollywood

You want to meet Cody?

Cody Christian is announced for two conventions in July! As of now he will attend:

  • Howl at the Moon 2 in Paris: July 7th & 8th 2018
  • Nemeton Itacon Untold in Rome: July 14th & 15th 2018

While the Howl at the Moon in Paris is almost sold out (no photos, autographs or meeting room tickets for Cody left), there are still Cody extras available for the convention in Rome.

Cody Christian about to star in “Notorious Nick”?

Fans of Cody’s have been hoping for some news about a new project for some time now. The pictures emerging on Social Media seem to prove that Cody is indeed filming a movie called “Notorious Nick”.

Actress Elisabeth Rohm posted a picture of herself, her colleague Barry Livingston and Cody right from the set of  “Notorious Nick”.

While the IMDB page of the movie is still lacking major information concerning the cast, Livingston is already listed to be part of the cast. The summary of the movie on IMDB reads like this:

“Nick Newell, a one-armed MMA fighter gets a rare chance to fight for the lightweight championship. He strives to win for himself and all the other people in the world with physical challenges.”

Days before, Cody appeared on  Alexander Munoz’s Instagram Stories as well as in a photo with Stan Martinyouk, both of whom are MMA fighters.

In addition, a fan site received an obviously misled message from someone who allegedly played an extra on a movie set and who has shown himself impressed about “this movie your making” that is “definitely going to inspire a to of people to strive for the impossible and make them possible”. This would not only be suitable to the theme of the movie, but it could hint that Cody even plays the main role, the MMA fighter Nick Newell. However, this remains highly speculative. 

The most recent hint was a casting call for “Notorious Nick” in Jackson, Northern California. Days after, a bunch of pictures emerged on social media showing Cody filming at the Jackson Junior High School, CA.

In interviews, Cody often mentioned that he would love to star in a film that involves fighting and that his favorite movie of all times is Fight Club. So, this new movie seems to be perfect for him: it’s not only a physical challenge involving fighting but also a movie about achieving a goal against all odds, an “It’s possible” movie at its best.

“Does it hurt anymore?” A tribute to Cody Christian’s character Theo Raeken. – Cody in the series finale

“Does it hurt anymore?” A tribute to Cody Christian’s character Theo Raeken.

Plenty of people were convinced that Theo Raeken would not make an appearance in the final episode of Teen Wolf. Plenty of them thought that Theo Raeken was going to die in episode 19. However, he was neither in episode 19 nor died whilst taking a bullet for Malia with Stiles shouting her name, as so many spoilers indicated. This merely proves that we should not be too keen on believing what we read on the Internet.

We see Theo in his truck, talking to Scott on his phone. The Alpha asked the chimera for help. That’s why he is on his way to the hospital. Old Theo would not have done so. Old Theo would have long been gone, selfishly only saving his own ass. However, Old Theo literally is gone. We will learn what that means later on, once Theo has arrived at Beacon Hills Hospital.

Liam is there, confronted by several hunters with guns aimed at him. His situation seems hopeless, but the elevator doors fling open and Theo pulls the beta inside. The doors close before the hunters’ bullets can do any harm. This certainly brings the Thiam scene in 6×09 to mind where Theo pushed Liam into the elevator and became the bait himself, ready to risk his life lest the beta was taken.

This time, however, they are both in the elevator, staring at each other.

What are you doing here?”  Liam asks.
“I was just asking myself the same thing,”

 Theo simply replies. The chimera wants to help. He is ready to fight the hunters, to keep Scott’s pack safe. He is ready to keep Scott’s beta safe. We can literally feel the tension between Theo and Liam in these few seconds inside the confinement of the elevator.

A heads up for Thiam-fans: Jeff Davis actually was wondering himself why they did not kiss in the end. Khylin Rhambo mentioned that during the screening, everyone thought that “they were gonna do it”. Cody and Dylan obviously enjoyed working together and their chemistry is amazing, no matter if you would like to see Theo and Liam as an actual couple or friends. They were definitely bonding. Cody and Dylan loved the fans’ response to their bromance. Dylan is like a little brother to Cody and the only thing we could possibly regret is that Theo and Liam did not have the chance to develop their friendship a tiny bit sooner.

I’m not dying for you.

–– I’m not dying for you either. But I will… fight with you.

Okay. That’s fine.

 Although they do not say so, we just know that they care about each other. They would probably not even admit that they do. They are a team and respect one another. The doors open and we finally see these two in action again. Their eyes glow, razor sharp fangs and claws emerge. THIAM are ready to fight. And they fight in unison.

Their fighting scene is yet another highlight of the finale. As I said in one of my previous articles, Theo and Liam are strong alone, but lethal when they join forces.

These two, who were so reluctant to even be in the same room together at the beginning (just think about their scenes in front of the hospital and Liam wanting to use Theo as bait), slowly began to trust each other. Everyone needs someone they can count on, someone who does not question anything they do.


However, both are injured in the fight. One of the teenage hunters, Gabe, takes several bullets by mistake. He is in excruciating pain, moribund. The teenager is bleeding to death. 

And here comes Theo’s triumphant scene. Theo approaches Gabe, who’s lying in a puddle of his own blood. “It hurts,” he says. His voice is brittle.

Theo takes Gabe’s arm. “You can’t take the pain if you don’t care,” Mason told him in episode 18. This time, however, Theo shows kindness. Dark veins emerge on Gabe’s arm, drawn to Theo’s hand. He takes Gabe’s pain away. He knows what it is like to care. 

Does it hurt anymore?
–       No.

The chimera’s redemption arc is completed. He proved how altruistic he has become. Theo does not only care about himself anymore. Theo has a heart. Cody Christian shows that he does.


Now I am not surprised that this was Cody’s favourite scene. It was emotional, sad but also an act of kindness. Theo hardly knew Gabe at all. Gabe was one of the hunters. Yet, he proved that he cares.

Now we have allies that used to be enemies. We have protectors, we have friends willing to fight for us.

Theo has proven himself. He is an ally the pack can count on. It is a bit sad that quite a few questions remain unanswered. I would have loved to find out more about Theo’s childhood. How he ended up with the dread doctors. How he became the first chimera, why he stopped caring. I would have loved to see Liam offer him a place to stay since he can’t stay in his truck forever. Or Theo helping Liam handle his anger issues. 

Nevertheless, Theo Raeken is fine. He is out there, safe and sound. Driving around in his truck. Maybe he even joins Liam, Mason and Corey to play some video games from time to time. He’s still a teenager after all. Sometimes you just need to have some fun, right?

Thank you, Cody, for bringing Theo Raeken to life. It was you who assured with your outstanding performance that this character was not killed off, as originally intended. I cannot wait to see what’s next for Cody. He is destined for greatness and people just need to realize it. He, as so many others out there, inspires people every day. He creates something we can indulge in. Something we will never forget. It is not only the story that made us adore Teen Wolf, but the actors behind it all. People who make you feel better when you have a bad day. Thank you for all these amazing years.

Originally posted on SiredToCodyChristian Tumblr. 

“Is everyone completely shocked that I might be right?” – Cody in 6×18

Episode 18 had another good amount of Theo Raeken in it and Cody Christian appeared at his best once again. The episode opens with a scene of the pack and Theo, trying to find the Anuk-Ite’s other half. Theo thinks it’s best to keep an eye on Aaron. We all know that Theo’s plans usually work (and are not connected to gain more power). However, the others remain wary of the chimera. They obviously are not fond of the idea that Theo is right. They even refuse to acknowledge it openly. 

“Is everyone completely shocked that I might be right?”

Theo said, his voice full of disbelief. “No, we just don’t like it.” Scott, however, tries to appease both sides. He says that they could all be right, then sends Mason and Theo on a mission in order to find Aaron.

Both of them are not very keen on spending time with each other, even a blind person could figure that out. Every step Theo takes, everything he does is allegedly connected to his own well-being. He only cares about himself, they claim. He helps them only to save his own ass.

This, however, cannot be true. Ever since Liam brought him back at the end of 6×06, Theo’s personality has altered. Every single one of his actions since then have proven to be altruistic.

He saved Liam Dunbar lest he was taken by the riders. He risked his own life – something he clung to his entire existence. We also have seen how easy it is for the hunters to kill any of them with just one shot. Theo is thus in constant danger, but in lieu of running, he fights back and makes sure that Scott’s pack is safe. A pack he would like to be a part of?

“Maybe I want to be in the pack.”

“Maybe I want to be in the pack,” Theo says to Mason when they went through the dark, eerie tunnels in search of Aaron. Despite the somewhat smug façade adorned by a tat of sarcasm, Theo is genuine. “A pack is about trust,” Mason retorts. They evidently do not trust him due to all the obnoxious things he carried out in the past.  

The closer they get to Aaron, the more afraid they become. Mason remarks how little he trusts Theo; even turning his back to him would be too much to ask. Anxiety overcomes him, caused by the Anuk-Ite. Then, it seems like Theo is on the verge of losing his temper. His digits seem to quiver, his lower lip trembles. A loud, menacing growl emits and razor sharp fangs emerge. The chimera’s eyes growl and for a moment, it appears like Theo’s about to attack Mason.

But he just shoved him away, saving him from Aaron. Mason is injured and in agony. Theo takes his arm, wanting to take the pain away. He fails.

“You can’t take the pain if you don’t care.”

The aghast look on Theo’s face is yet another sign that he actually wants to. Theo wants to care; he just does not know how. His entire existence revolved only around himself. Cody Christian shows that Theo has a heart.

Just consider how upset Theo is in that particular moment. His lips slightly parted, terror and realization mirrored in his eyes. Cody Christian trulybecomes Theo Raeken on set and manages to touch the viewers. His acting is more than just good. People just need to realize that. He’d truly deserve an award for his outstanding performance.

There are thus two sides to Theo. One is the smug, apparently selfish façade. The other is the caring one. Theo just needs to figure out what caring and love actually mean.

In the end, Theo and Mason are both injured. The Anuk-Ite injured itself with Theo’s claws in order to find its another half more easily. The scene that followed really made me smile: Mason offers Theo his hand, pulls him up. It closes with both of them sitting next to each other, injured.

Theo’s redemption arc is almost closed. He has been the one saving everyone all the time. Also, Liam seems to be the first person he started to care about. 

A spoiler-free review voted 9/10 for Thiam in episode 20 and mentioned “redemption and tears of joy” as well. Something close to a happy ending for Theo? He’d certainly deserve it.

When it comes to Cody Christian’s acting and his character Theo’s development I would certainly give an 11/10. Theo has a heart. 

Cody Christian shows us that!

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