About Cody


Photographed by Marie J., Paris, Summer 2015

Cody Allen Christian (* April 15th, 1995) was born in Maine and grew up in Franklin, a small town in Indiana. When he grew up he felt like wanting to do everything at least once and when watching a commercial for an acting school in Indianapolis, his mom took him there to check it out. During a convention in New York, he got in contact with an agency and finally, in 2005 he moved to Los Angeles, where he gave up being a kid and had to grow up fast. In LA, he got an agency and manager there.

Cody always has been very big into academics and sports like baseball, football, soccer. Over the years he grew into the industry and everyone who worked with him is praising his dedication to acting, his work ethics and how hard and focused he’s working and constantly pushing himself forward.

“One thing I admire a lot about you is your work ethic and I just want to thank you.” – Teen Wolf actor Tyler Posey to Cody

“He’s one of the most professional and well prepared actors on the set! Takes his art incredibly seriously.” – Teen Wolf actor Linden Ashby

“He shows up on time. He’s humble on set. He takes direction well and he’s good at his job. According to everyone, he’s a dream to work with.” – Blogger and wiki owner Paul Virgil Rea who visited the Teen Wolf set several times.

He’s best known for his roles as Mike Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf‘s Theo Raeken. Cody currently lives in Los Angeles and has a cat called Athena. Since autumn 2017 he’s in a relationship with model Alex Swift.


His mom, Ashley Bohall, lives in Los Angeles as well and had and still has his back as much as she could during his career. And Father Scott Bohall who served in the army & Brother Joshua who’s attending the University of Maine in Orono Computer Engineering have been big supporters as well. It’s this unwavering support by his family and the dedication and passion Cody shows for his acting that brought him so far.

Native American Roots

From time to time there are rumors and discussions about Cody’s ethnicity since in IMDB, he’s listed as “Native American / Caucasian”.
His grandpa (mother’s side) was full blooded American Native, belonging to the Penobscot tribe while his grandmother (mother’s side too) is half Passamaquody Indian. His mother grew up on a reservation in Maine and she tried to maintain Indian traditions with her children. So Cody grew up surrounded by objects from a Native American tribe’s culture. How much he identifies as Native American or not is a question he has to answer himself but I hope this contributes to getting the facts right.