Cody Christian about to star in “Notorious Nick”?

Fans of Cody’s have been hoping for some news about a new project for some time now. The pictures emerging on Social Media seem to prove that Cody is indeed filming a movie called “Notorious Nick”.

Actress Elisabeth Rohm posted a picture of herself, her colleague Barry Livingston and Cody right from the set of  “Notorious Nick”.

While the IMDB page of the movie is still lacking major information concerning the cast, Livingston is already listed to be part of the cast. The summary of the movie on IMDB reads like this:

“Nick Newell, a one-armed MMA fighter gets a rare chance to fight for the lightweight championship. He strives to win for himself and all the other people in the world with physical challenges.”

Days before, Cody appeared on  Alexander Munoz’s Instagram Stories as well as in a photo with Stan Martinyouk, both of whom are MMA fighters.

In addition, a fan site received an obviously misled message from someone who allegedly played an extra on a movie set and who has shown himself impressed about “this movie your making” that is “definitely going to inspire a to of people to strive for the impossible and make them possible”. This would not only be suitable to the theme of the movie, but it could hint that Cody even plays the main role, the MMA fighter Nick Newell. However, this remains highly speculative. 

The most recent hint was a casting call for “Notorious Nick” in Jackson, Northern California. Days after, a bunch of pictures emerged on social media showing Cody filming at the Jackson Junior High School, CA.

In interviews, Cody often mentioned that he would love to star in a film that involves fighting and that his favorite movie of all times is Fight Club. So, this new movie seems to be perfect for him: it’s not only a physical challenge involving fighting but also a movie about achieving a goal against all odds, an “It’s possible” movie at its best.