Cody Christian was one of the artists participating in the annual talent show “Arts Aloud” by artsaloudtheatergroup: “Arts Aloud serves as a performing arts doorway for all teens, delivering special attention to those withlimited exposure to quality theatrical programs” (cf. artsaloudtheatergroup). 

    Among Reeve Carney and Veronica Miracle, Cody acted as one of the judges that evaluated the performance of aspiring young talents.  

     In the photo above, Cody is depicted along with some of the other judges. He also stopped by and took some photos (see below). Arts Aloud could not have found anyone better as judge: Cody is humble, talented and very attentive!   

Cody and Justin (@jlawrex).

Cody with @eli.sam.figueroa, who was very nervous about the idea of singing and dancing in front of him.  He was awarded first prize for his contemporary solo.

    Moreover, Cody is busy filming his new show ALL AMERICAN, which will premiere in October. He’s giving a hundred percent, even more than that every day. He’s doing his best to make this as best as possible. He spends hours and hours in the gym as well as on the field, in between shots. Nevertheless, he accepted this position as judge, despite the tremendous amount of work. He just loves his job and it shows.