Cody Christian on Brant Pinvidic’s “Why I’m Not A Teen Idol Part 2”

“There’s no backup plan for me. There’s never been a backup plan for me. If you really want something, you truly start living life if you find something you’d die for. This career, I’d do this for the rest of my life. I’d do anything to make that happen.”

Cody Christian had the opportunity to take part in Brant Pinvidic’s podcast “Why I’m Not A Teen Idol Part 2″. He had a lot to say and went very deep talking about how to cope with fame and the acting career he pursues. When asked about a backup plan, he said that there was not. This career is where his heart is and goes, he wants to do this for the rest of his life. That’s why he gives 150% each day. He’s not alone, but got there growing up with his fan base – in a very positive light. 

Cody may only be 22 years old, a “man boy” as he called himself, but his mentality is, compared to other people at this age, a very different one. His thoughts are very profound. He’s got depth and so much insight, reflecting on his surroundings. Eloquence clearly is one of his many virtues. 

Listen to Cody on Brant Pinvidic’s website.