Cody Christian’s comeback as Theo Raeken

Episode 6×12 of Teen Wolf began with something many viewers had anticipated for a long time: Theo’s comeback  after the long gap between 6A and 6B as well as episode 11 without him. Within the first few minutes, we learnt that Theo was apparently homeless, trying to get some rest in his truck. The police, however, chased him away on multiple occasions. This became rather comic, but I also felt bad for him. They must really hate Theo.

In fact, everyone seems to hate Theo. This is also something the fans are very conflicted about. Either you love him or you hate him. For some, it even seems to be some kind of love-hate relationship. I can only say that I’ve always liked him. Theo Raeken was like the perfect villain. And Cody Christian brought him to life. 

What we see in 6×12 however, is a broken man. Seemingly homeless. He’s lonely, haunted by the spectres of his past. Sad even. Remorseful?

“I don’t want in anyone’s pack. I don’t want anyone’s power. I just want to stay alive.”


He has literally been through Hell and back. Everyone should have a second chance. Theo already proved himself by putting his own life in danger and saving Liam, being the bait.

When you even try to make friends with a spider, you clearly don’t have anyone left in your life. The spider, however, was a really nasty one and actually went through his skin. It was literally inside him.

The chimera panicked. Thankfully, he had parked his truck right outside Deaton’s abandoned animal clinic and was brave enough to perform surgery on himself by cutting the nasty beast right from his back.

And then, it disappeared. Vaporized. Just like that. Like a bad dream. But Theo did not wake up this time. Back in his car, he actually considered giving Scott a phone call. The fact that he still has his number proves that Theo still cares. Suddenly, his truck was surrounded by people aiming guns at him. Then, they started firing.

Don’t believe for a second that he is dead. First, a chimera that survived Hell and the wild hunt won’t allow anyone to kill itself that easily. Second, there are several scenes in the season 6B trailer that are yet to come.

I’m very excited to see Cody Christian perform. He always puts his heart into it and literally works his butt off. Sadly, he is a bit underrated; he deserves much more credit and attention for his work.

Most viewers were disappointed with the very limited amount of screen time Cody got. Let’s hope that this will change in the upcoming episodes!

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