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What can you tease about Theo in the last 10 episodes?
Cody: When I first got onto Teen Wolf, I never knew or I never foresaw that I would be a part of such a show that would really change my life. I was supposed to be in and out in 3 episodes and that turned into two and a half years of my life. I’ve been so blessed because every season, every 10-episode block, I’ve been able to play a different side of this character. As far as character development goes, we really got our hands dirty. We really got to work, we got to play, we really got to explore this character. The last 10 episodes of the show, of the series, we get to see a new side of Theo that we haven’t seen before. You get to see if it’s possible for this character to be redeemed. Is it kind of the redemption arc that we’ve been hinting at in the beginning of 6A? Can that come to fruition? Can that be something that the fans can see from this character? We really kind of get to see what’s inside this dude’s heart and what kind of person he truly is. I’m really excited for that. I think it’s going to be something that the fans are going to dig to see. I’m always a fan of seeing the evil characters come to their senses in a way, but not necessarily lose who they are or their foundation of who they are because that’s obviously why we like them. We love to hate these evil characters as a fanbase. I do like to see these characters come around in a way and see the development. I think that’s what we’re going to give to the fans.

I’ve always thought that Theo’s not bad at his core. At the end of the day, he can contribute a lot to the pack. He’s had some trouble with Scott and Malia, but they’re all bonded by their experiences together, you know what I mean?
Cody Christian: The other cool thing that I’ve always kept in the back of my mind is that I feel that in playing somebody that is malicious, manipulative, conniving, and evil, whatever you want to say or whatever word you want to use to describe them, I think the problem is that most people play into it too much. I think that when you’re playing someone who is evil, that person never thinks that they are evil. They think their perspective is the right perspective. They just think that everything that they do and all their actions are justified. They don’t necessarily see what they’re doing is wrong, they just see it as the right thing to do. It’s the right perspective. That’s always something I’ve kept in mind with Theo.  I don’t think he’s so much evil as he is misunderstood. You’ve got to look at this guy’s past. Look what he’s been through, look what he’s done. He’s been manipulated. As much manipulation as he has done to others, look at what’s been done to him. He’s just simply a product of his environment. I think with that in mind, maybe the fans can get behind a redemption arc and a good Theo.

How is the dynamic going to change in 6B? Is Theo going to be more a part of the pack going forward?
Cody Christian: The possibility is always there. I kind of think we saw this a little bit in 6A, and we’ll see it a little more in 6B. No matter what Theo does, he gets no love. He can risk his life and save the town from a disastrous event, and at the end of the day, they’ll be like, “Oh, remember that time you stabbed Scott?” It’s like, come on! The past is the past! I don’t know. I just think the bad memories are still very, very prevalent in the show amongst the characters. But I think the possibility for Theo to be more involved in the pack is there, it’s just easier said than done in the world of Beacon Hills. It’s something we get to explore in 6B, so I’m excited for that.

There have been tons of characters on TV who have done far worse than what Theo’s done, so let’s just cut him a break.
Cody Christian: I know, right? I feel like people just give him a hard time.

A on Pretty Little Liars got redeemed, so why not Theo?
Cody Christian: That’s what I’m saying. This character, Theo, if you watch, he does so much and goes above and beyond. He doesn’t have to be there, ever. He has no ties. He can literally get in his car and drive away at any time, but instead, he opts and chooses to stay and fight and risk his life and be a part of the pack and their problems really for no reason except to help and support people. And then at the end of the day, they still are just like, “Screw you, Theo.”

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