Are you gonna kill him? I mean, I don’t care if you do, but have you thought this through? – Cody in 6×17

Are you gonna kill him? I mean, I don’t care if you do, but have you thought this through?

6×17 was another great episode for Thiam fans. Although Cody Christian did not have as much screen time as in the last two episodes, he had another brilliant time on screen, along with Dylan Sprayberry.

We see Liam Dunbar nearly losing control and thus almost killing Gabe in the process. He was on the brink of losing it entirely. However, Theo emerged out of thin air and calmed him down.

Again, Theo Raeken proved how clever he is. He managed to calm Liam down by pointing out the consequences of killing Gabe: “Any idea where you’re gonna dump the body? Nobody saw you grab him, did they?”

 You didn’t kill him. It’s progress.

Hence, Theo does not oppose to the idea to killing him. Not openly, at least. Liam lets go of Gabe in the end.

You might want to remember what’s been Scott’s goal all along: keep people alive.

That’s exactly what Theo’s doing: keep people alive. He knocked Liam out at the abandoned zoo so that Nolan could get away. He stopped Liam from losing control and kill Gabe in the process. Is Theo really trying to help the pack? Or is he just protecting himself, pursuing a plan of his own?

Liam commenced to put his trust in Theo. He chose Theo to accompany him to carry out his plan at the zoo. He also allowed the chimera to talk him out of killing Gabe. He realised that Theo was right, as experienced as he is.

There are only three episodes left before it all ends. Fans really adore the growing “thing” between Theo and Liam. Thiam seems to have become one of the most popular bromances of the show. Some ship them as friends, others just want them to kiss already. Whichever you prefer, Theo and Liam share some great scenes together.

The chemistry between Cody and Dylan is phenomenal. You can really see the way their relationship developed from the moment that Liam brought Theo back from hell and to the last scene they shared in 6×17.

Liam definitely seems to trust Theo now. He must also be somewhat important to Theo since the chimera actually stayed around, assisting and advising him.

Some people have expressed their concern about Theo’s motives. Would he betray them all again? Let’s hope not.

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“You broke my nose twice. It healed and you broke it again. Two times.” – Cody in 6×16

This week’s episode was called “Triggers”. And it certainly triggered all kinds of emotions. Lots of broken and bloody noses, too. Cody Christian was able to shine in some very well-lit scenes, which is rather unlikely for Teen Wolf. Gladly, he was granted plenty of screen time. Who would not have liked Theo to become a main character? Well, he might not be one officially. But ever since they brought him back, he feels like one. Theo is gradually becoming a part of the pack.

Moreover, it was certainly a good episode for Thiam fans. Theo and Liam shared a lot of screen time together, which was rather comical on the one hand; on the other, it proves that they are learning to trust each other, building something close to a friendship. However, it is not as easy as it looks. One moment, they seem to get along. Seconds later, they are punching each other.

Liam: You ripped my shirt…

Theo: You broke my nose. Twice. It healed. And you broke it again. Two times.

Liam [punches him again]: Three times.

The plan is that Liam and Theo lure the hunters away from their lair, so that the others can get a hold of their weapons. It does not really go as they planned, since Gerard always seems to be one step ahead of them. However, all that happens in the abandoned zoo shows how intelligent Theo actually is. 

Same goes to Liam. He chooses the abandoned zoo because of the narrow paths, just as the streets in Mykonos. “I’m impressed,” Theo admits with a smile. Are they starting to get along? It seems like it. Liam would not have been able to do this without Theo’s help, and he is well aware of it.

These scenes also show that Theo is changing. Old Theo would have let Liam kill Nolan, maybe even killed him himself. He knocks Liam out, telling Nolan to run, a smirk on his lips. He knows that something is off about the beta. Anger issues, everything is heightened even more than it usually is. Will we see more of Theo helping Liam through all of this, help him control his anger? It would be a great opportunity, though. 

I had to knock you out.

–       Yeah. How many times?


Liam and Theo could probably do this all day long. Punching each other in the face. Breaking each other’s nose. Once. Twice. Three times. But in the end, they would sit on Liam’s sofa together, playing a video game. Maybe they actually do. Who knows? And when Theo beats Liam in that game, the beta breaks his nose a fourth time.

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Theo Raeken just wants to be loved. Cody in 6×15.

“I’m not much of a pack animal.” 

Theo and Cody fans have anticipated this moment ever since they got a glimpse of Theo Raeken in the opening scene of episode 6×12: Theo is back. And it was even more than that. More than just a simple return. 

Theo felt like a main character. He was present in various scenes throughout the episode and Cody Christian certainly was at his very best. It felt like he had only been slumbering, waiting in the dark just to make his grand return. 

The chimera was held captive with two other werewolves, tortured by constant electroshocks. Despite the agonizing pain, Theo kept his wittiness, remaining sassy and certainly was not holding back in terms of his smug comments. That’s exactly the Theo we love. It was through his own cleverness that he managed to free himself as well as the other two.

Theo said he wasn’t so much of a pack animal. That we know. What he didn’t say however, was how lonely he actually was. When Theo joined forces once again with Scott’s pack, one could see some kind of transformation. He fought with them, in spite of his apparent reluctance. We remember: Yeah, Theo just wants to stay alive. He is free to leave Beacon Hills, but chooses not to.

Theo Raeken has a heart. We can be certain of it. Cody Christian manages to give us an insight into what is going on in Theo’s mind.

“Cody Christian shows us what’s underneath. He shows us that Theo just wants to be loved.” – Jeff Davis about Cody

 He may have done cruel things in the past, killed people. Willing to do anything to gain power. Yet, there’s another side of him we yet need to figure out. This side is slowly coming to the surface. 

Theo: “Your dead friends are dead. And they’re gonna stay dead no matter what you d–”

[Liam punches Theo in the face; Theo drops to the floor.]

Liam: “By the way, I’m still working on my anger.”

Theo: “…Good to know.”

Moreover, I’m amazed at how much chemistry Dylan Sprayberry and Cody Christian have when they are together on screen. Liam Dunbar and Theo Raeken get along one moment, but lose temper and fight in another. They still didn’t give each other that fist bump, though. If they work together, they’ll be lethal. 

Let’s hope that Theo will remain bulletproof for the remainder of season 6. There are only 5 episodes left now, time’s obviously running faster than we want it to. Soon, we will have to say goodbye to Theo Raeken and all the other characters we’ve learnt to adore. Will Theo actually have something close to a happy ending? We will find out soon…

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Cody Christian’s comeback as Theo Raeken

Episode 6×12 of Teen Wolf began with something many viewers had anticipated for a long time: Theo’s comeback  after the long gap between 6A and 6B as well as episode 11 without him. Within the first few minutes, we learnt that Theo was apparently homeless, trying to get some rest in his truck. The police, however, chased him away on multiple occasions. This became rather comic, but I also felt bad for him. They must really hate Theo.

In fact, everyone seems to hate Theo. This is also something the fans are very conflicted about. Either you love him or you hate him. For some, it even seems to be some kind of love-hate relationship. I can only say that I’ve always liked him. Theo Raeken was like the perfect villain. And Cody Christian brought him to life. 

What we see in 6×12 however, is a broken man. Seemingly homeless. He’s lonely, haunted by the spectres of his past. Sad even. Remorseful?

“I don’t want in anyone’s pack. I don’t want anyone’s power. I just want to stay alive.”


He has literally been through Hell and back. Everyone should have a second chance. Theo already proved himself by putting his own life in danger and saving Liam, being the bait.

When you even try to make friends with a spider, you clearly don’t have anyone left in your life. The spider, however, was a really nasty one and actually went through his skin. It was literally inside him.

The chimera panicked. Thankfully, he had parked his truck right outside Deaton’s abandoned animal clinic and was brave enough to perform surgery on himself by cutting the nasty beast right from his back.

And then, it disappeared. Vaporized. Just like that. Like a bad dream. But Theo did not wake up this time. Back in his car, he actually considered giving Scott a phone call. The fact that he still has his number proves that Theo still cares. Suddenly, his truck was surrounded by people aiming guns at him. Then, they started firing.

Don’t believe for a second that he is dead. First, a chimera that survived Hell and the wild hunt won’t allow anyone to kill itself that easily. Second, there are several scenes in the season 6B trailer that are yet to come.

I’m very excited to see Cody Christian perform. He always puts his heart into it and literally works his butt off. Sadly, he is a bit underrated; he deserves much more credit and attention for his work.

Most viewers were disappointed with the very limited amount of screen time Cody got. Let’s hope that this will change in the upcoming episodes!

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San Diego Comic Con 20th-23rd July

Cody Christian attended San Diego Comic Con with some of his cast members in order to say goodbye to Teen Wolf.

The group had a very dense schedule consisting of interviews, panels and signing sessions. Once they had all arrived, they started with solo, duo and group photo shoots.

Cody and Dylan at their duo photo shoot.

Cody’s photo shoot at SDCC

The Teen Wolf panel took place on Thursday July 20 in the biggest hall of the premises – Hall H.

“Cody shows the underneath. He shows that Theo just wants to be loved.”

© Gage Skidmore

During the panel, everyone was asked to name their favourite scene. Cody’s favourite one was his very last scene in the finale. He mentioned that he was bloody, which doesn’t sound all too encouraging…

Jeff Davis also shared his thoughts on Cody’s character. “Yes, Theo is a bastard. A really bad guy. But Cody shows the underneath. He shows that Theo just wants to be loved.”

“Without you, there’s no me.”

© Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America

“As an artist, this guy has been so much fun to play because I feel like every 10 episode block, there’s been another side of Theo,” Cody said in one of the interviews.

He thanked his fans for making it all possible: “Without you, there’s no me.”

However, not only interviews were on their schedule. Dylan Sprayberry and he also filmed some challenges for TBSNetwork’s Wrecked: Bull ride, climbing up a tree . . . They definitely had some fun.

© TBSNetwork

Moreover, Cody attended “Teen Wolf Press Line” as well as Entertainment Weekly’s annual party.

© Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images North America

Let’s conclude with what Cody had to say about his weekend at SDCC:


Some of Cody’s interviews:


Howl At The Moon Convention in Paris, 1st & 2nd July 2017

On 27 June, Cody and his PR Sean hopped on a plane to Paris on the occasion of the HATM convention, organized by

Since he arrived a couple of days before the convention, Cody used his spare time to visit museums and places in Paris, such as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. Some fans even ran into him and gave him a little tour through the museum, guiding him to Da Vinci’s famous painting Mona Lisa (La Joconde).

“Found two great tour guides at the Lourve today! Thanks for the help!”

When Cody entered the hall, everyone screamed the loudest.

The highly anticipated day finally came. On 1st July, Cody attended the French Teen Wolf Convention along with some of his fellow cast members – Shelley Hennig, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Dylan Sprayberry, Ian Bohen, Linden Ashby, Susan Walters, Ryan Kelley as well as Charlie and Max Carver.

The convention began with a slight delay due to Holland’s flight not being on time. When Cody entered the hall, everyone screamed the loudest.

© Marie Barrault

The actors’ activities were scheduled as the following: Autographs, Solo/Duo photo shoots, meeting rooms and panels. Cody had two meeting rooms since he certainly was one of the most popular actors.

© SoNotReallyCody on Twitter/Instagram

His signing sessions actually took the longest, especially the one on Sunday.

It was supposed to take place from 10 AM till 12:15 PM, but he was still signing until way past 2:30 PM. He did not even have a real lunch break and kept working so hard so that everyone had the chance to talk with him and get their desired autograph.

He took his time with everyone and did not rush at all, thanking them for coming and for their support. Every time a fan was standing at his table, he was completely focused on them. Absorbed. It was like you literally were alone with him, blending everyone else out. Despite the time pressure, Cody was never in a rush. Everybody had the chance to talk to him. Tears were shed, teenagers screamed, trembling. Cody was so gentle to them, comforting and reassuring them.

© Ultimevents

© Ultimevents

Cody signing a poster © Ultimevents

His first meeting room took place on Saturday afternoon. Cody was simply amazing, talked freely and casually with everyone, even played an extract from his upcoming rap song. However, Cody does not intend to pursue a music career. He simply loves to write songs, get in the flow whilst working on one for hours. It’s a hobby, his passion and started with writing poetry when he was younger.

“At the age of 25, I’m gonna get an Oscar.”

The young man was vibrant, full of energy and genuine. Furthermore, Cody addressed the importance of dreams. When he was a teenager, he kept telling himself: “At the age of 25, I’m gonna get an Oscar.” Even if we fall, we always need to get back up. No matter how hard it seems, we can do it. “It’s possible,” he said.

Cody at the meeting room. © Ultimevents

Cody was also very kind and welcoming at the photo shoots. He shook hands or hugged everyone who approached him and made some small talk, asked questions.

To conclude, there are no words capable of describing how amazing Cody Christian really is. But let’s try these: Humble. Genuine. Completely down to earth. Meeting him is certainly something that you will keep in mind. A very positive memory.

MTV Beach House

(From MTV Homepage) Beach House is returning for a new generation of fans!  MTV faves, Nessa (“Girl Code”), Cody Christian (“Teen Wolf”) and Chico Bean (“Wild ‘n Out”) will host the all-star beach party from a tricked-out, 90s-themed beach house located at the famed Jersey Shore. The festivities kick off June 8 with the first-ever MTV Beach House Festival, featuring performances by MisterWives, KYLE and more.

Here are some first impressions:

Cody celebrating his birthday in Vegas

The real Cody fan knows that Cody’s birthday is April 15th but the actor was busy filming Assassination Nation by that time and so he had to celebrate it about one month later in Las Vegas. But wow, it was a party that deserved that name. Helicopter ride, dancing all night and a birthday surprise in the hotel in the morning. Here are some impressions:

Interview with Cody Christian by Hollywoodlife

What can you tease about Theo in the last 10 episodes?
Cody: When I first got onto Teen Wolf, I never knew or I never foresaw that I would be a part of such a show that would really change my life. I was supposed to be in and out in 3 episodes and that turned into two and a half years of my life. I’ve been so blessed because every season, every 10-episode block, I’ve been able to play a different side of this character. As far as character development goes, we really got our hands dirty. We really got to work, we got to play, we really got to explore this character. The last 10 episodes of the show, of the series, we get to see a new side of Theo that we haven’t seen before. You get to see if it’s possible for this character to be redeemed. Is it kind of the redemption arc that we’ve been hinting at in the beginning of 6A? Can that come to fruition? Can that be something that the fans can see from this character? We really kind of get to see what’s inside this dude’s heart and what kind of person he truly is. I’m really excited for that. I think it’s going to be something that the fans are going to dig to see. I’m always a fan of seeing the evil characters come to their senses in a way, but not necessarily lose who they are or their foundation of who they are because that’s obviously why we like them. We love to hate these evil characters as a fanbase. I do like to see these characters come around in a way and see the development. I think that’s what we’re going to give to the fans.

I’ve always thought that Theo’s not bad at his core. At the end of the day, he can contribute a lot to the pack. He’s had some trouble with Scott and Malia, but they’re all bonded by their experiences together, you know what I mean?
Cody Christian: The other cool thing that I’ve always kept in the back of my mind is that I feel that in playing somebody that is malicious, manipulative, conniving, and evil, whatever you want to say or whatever word you want to use to describe them, I think the problem is that most people play into it too much. I think that when you’re playing someone who is evil, that person never thinks that they are evil. They think their perspective is the right perspective. They just think that everything that they do and all their actions are justified. They don’t necessarily see what they’re doing is wrong, they just see it as the right thing to do. It’s the right perspective. That’s always something I’ve kept in mind with Theo.  I don’t think he’s so much evil as he is misunderstood. You’ve got to look at this guy’s past. Look what he’s been through, look what he’s done. He’s been manipulated. As much manipulation as he has done to others, look at what’s been done to him. He’s just simply a product of his environment. I think with that in mind, maybe the fans can get behind a redemption arc and a good Theo.

How is the dynamic going to change in 6B? Is Theo going to be more a part of the pack going forward?
Cody Christian: The possibility is always there. I kind of think we saw this a little bit in 6A, and we’ll see it a little more in 6B. No matter what Theo does, he gets no love. He can risk his life and save the town from a disastrous event, and at the end of the day, they’ll be like, “Oh, remember that time you stabbed Scott?” It’s like, come on! The past is the past! I don’t know. I just think the bad memories are still very, very prevalent in the show amongst the characters. But I think the possibility for Theo to be more involved in the pack is there, it’s just easier said than done in the world of Beacon Hills. It’s something we get to explore in 6B, so I’m excited for that.

There have been tons of characters on TV who have done far worse than what Theo’s done, so let’s just cut him a break.
Cody Christian: I know, right? I feel like people just give him a hard time.

A on Pretty Little Liars got redeemed, so why not Theo?
Cody Christian: That’s what I’m saying. This character, Theo, if you watch, he does so much and goes above and beyond. He doesn’t have to be there, ever. He has no ties. He can literally get in his car and drive away at any time, but instead, he opts and chooses to stay and fight and risk his life and be a part of the pack and their problems really for no reason except to help and support people. And then at the end of the day, they still are just like, “Screw you, Theo.”

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