Spotlight on Cody’s tattoos

    For some it was a surprise, for others it was just a question of time: Cody got his first tattoos in early 2018! He had been following some tattooists already for some time on Instagram, most importantly Mr. K, one of the most talented and famous tattoo artists in New York City. Finally, in January and in May 2018, Cody decided to go for it. “Let’s get it done,” he can be heard saying in a video when the first tattoo was made.

Let’s take a closer look at them:

The tattoos on his fingers represent his family. First, the rose which stands for his mom, Ashley Rose Bohall. The snake symbolizes his dad Scott Bohall who’s serving in the US Army. The third one is his brother Joshua’s name in digitals, while the last one, the motto “It’s possible”, stands for Cody himself.

Cody explained the meaning of his second tattoo (the skull wearing a crown) on his Instagram:

“Now is a powerful moment to be in. Rather than let my past / future define myself or my actions, I strive to be in a constant “I AM” state.
The crown symbolizes a moment in which I realized my life was my own. My life was in my control. Simple and pretty blatant, but also something we tend to forget at times.”

Will Cody get even more tattoos? Well, our guess is yes! We will keep you in the loop.