“You broke my nose twice. It healed and you broke it again. Two times.” – Cody in 6×16

This week’s episode was called “Triggers”. And it certainly triggered all kinds of emotions. Lots of broken and bloody noses, too. Cody Christian was able to shine in some very well-lit scenes, which is rather unlikely for Teen Wolf. Gladly, he was granted plenty of screen time. Who would not have liked Theo to become a main character? Well, he might not be one officially. But ever since they brought him back, he feels like one. Theo is gradually becoming a part of the pack.

Moreover, it was certainly a good episode for Thiam fans. Theo and Liam shared a lot of screen time together, which was rather comical on the one hand; on the other, it proves that they are learning to trust each other, building something close to a friendship. However, it is not as easy as it looks. One moment, they seem to get along. Seconds later, they are punching each other.

Liam: You ripped my shirt…

Theo: You broke my nose. Twice. It healed. And you broke it again. Two times.

Liam [punches him again]: Three times.

The plan is that Liam and Theo lure the hunters away from their lair, so that the others can get a hold of their weapons. It does not really go as they planned, since Gerard always seems to be one step ahead of them. However, all that happens in the abandoned zoo shows how intelligent Theo actually is. 

Same goes to Liam. He chooses the abandoned zoo because of the narrow paths, just as the streets in Mykonos. “I’m impressed,” Theo admits with a smile. Are they starting to get along? It seems like it. Liam would not have been able to do this without Theo’s help, and he is well aware of it.

These scenes also show that Theo is changing. Old Theo would have let Liam kill Nolan, maybe even killed him himself. He knocks Liam out, telling Nolan to run, a smirk on his lips. He knows that something is off about the beta. Anger issues, everything is heightened even more than it usually is. Will we see more of Theo helping Liam through all of this, help him control his anger? It would be a great opportunity, though. 

I had to knock you out.

–       Yeah. How many times?


Liam and Theo could probably do this all day long. Punching each other in the face. Breaking each other’s nose. Once. Twice. Three times. But in the end, they would sit on Liam’s sofa together, playing a video game. Maybe they actually do. Who knows? And when Theo beats Liam in that game, the beta breaks his nose a fourth time.

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